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Why Assessment? 

  • Social connection is important for our health and well-being! Assessment allows us to recognize and address risk factors and signs of social isolation and loneliness. 

  • Everyone’s social situation is different! Assessment can help reveal people's unique social strengths and limitations and possibly pinpoint potential solutions going forward. 

  • Our social situation can change! Regular assessment can show how a person’s social situation is changing over time. 


Here we provide resources on assessment. Our reports and guides define social connection and explain practical ways to assess. Our mnemonic tools assist in remembering and identifying risk factors and signs of social isolation and loneliness. Lastly, our assessment tools are designed for professionals to better understand their client’s social strengths and limitations and to guide support and referral.


Learn more below!

REPORTS and guides on assessment

Report cover assessment tools.png

Read our complete guide on how to use our Targeting Isolation resources to identify risk factors (HELPS) and signs (CARED) of social isolation and loneliness. This report includes a listing of Manitoba referral resources. 

 (Click image to view PDF)

Measures report.png

Read this report for a general overview of social connection concepts like social network, social support, loneliness, and social isolation. Includes a detailed description of 3 ways to measure social connection and social isolation. 

 (Click image to view PDF)

Knowing signs and risk factors

Use the following mnemonic tools to help recall and identify the risk factors and signs of social isolation and loneliness. (Click images to view PDF)



Show someone you cared generic.jpg

 (Click image to view PDF)

Conversation starters generic .jpg

 (Click image to view PDF)

Jpeg Knowing Risk HELPS

 (Click image to view PDF)

Go to our GET CONNECTED page for referral resources in Manitoba

assessing patients and clients

Use the following assessment tools if formal assessment is part of your job or role. Using a strengths-based approach, look for assets as well as limitations to guide future support.  

Assess the risk:
HELPS Assessment Tool

Helps assessment tool jpg.jpg

 (Click image to view PDF)

Assess Connection:
CARED Assessment Tool

CARED assessment tool.jpg

 (Click image to view PDF)

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