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Get Connected to Community Resources

There are lots of resources available across Manitoba that can help people connect. System Navigators help find resources tailored to people's needs.

Why System Navigators? Sometimes it is hard to know how to find appropriate resources. System Navigators are people who can help find programs, resources, and services. System navigators receive training on how to provide individualized support to people living in Manitoba.

Listing of Manitoba-Wide System Navigators to help find Social Connection Resources (alphabetical order):

A&O: Support Services for Older Adults (ages 55+)
Provides services and programs across Manitoba, including the Senior Centre Without Walls free telephone programming. Trained staff assess needs and connect older adults with appropriate services.
Tel: 1-204-956-6440
Toll free: 1-888-333-3121


Manitoba 211 (all ages)

Provides information about services in Manitoba, including services for older adults. The 211 phone line can be dialed from anywhere in the province. It provides free, confidential service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in more than 150 languages. Trained System Navigators provide personalized support to help callers connect with the appropriate information and services.

Tel: Dial 211; toll-free 1-855-275-1197 

Senior Resource Coordinators (ages 55+)
Provide information, programming, and services to adults ages 55+ in various Manitoba regions. Can assess an older person’s needs and interests and link them to community supports, programs and services. Each community area in Winnipeg and all regions in Manitoba have Senior Resources Coordinators.

Full listing of contact numbers, by region, in Manitoba Seniors Guide: p. 10-26

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