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Report on Manitobans Aged 55+ Before and During COVID-19

Our latest report describes Manitobans aged 55+ on outcomes related to physical health and social well being. Data for this report came from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging, 2018-2021.

Download and read the full report here:

Profile of Manitobans_2024
Download PDF • 5.96MB

You can also download 1-pager PDF infographics from this report from our resource page here.

Key Findings from the report

  • The majority of older Manitobans were socially well connected and participated in many social activities. Social engagement, not surprisingly, was substantially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • The vast majority of older Manitobans reported having access to internet, but about one in ten did not.

  • Older Manitobans participated in many physical and recreational activities, although a substantial proportion were quite sedentary.

  • Most older Manitobans reported being happy and in good health in general. Some individuals, however, screened positive for depression and should be seen by mental health professionals. 



In general, Manitobans are socially connected, healthy, and happy. There needs to be a focus on those who are socially isolated, lonely, and those experiencing mental health problems. This means:


  • Connecting (or re-connecting) Manitobans who are socially isolated/lonely to other people, for example, by linking them to social activities;

  • Promoting the many social, physical, and recreational activity programs that are available in Manitoba;

  • Reducing barriers to social engagement and participation in physical and recreational activity programs, such as ensuring that affordable, appropriate transportation is available;

  • Ensuring that all Manitobans have access to internet;

  • Ensuring that mental health services are readily available.

Given the major impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Manitobans’ lives, in future research it will be important to examine the long-term consequences of the pandemic.


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